The Lonely Philosopher" is the personal blog of Samuel Chayen. The blog will deal with environmental Jewish ethics, sustainability, political current events and philosophy, among other subjects. As a philosophic blog, the blog does not pretend to be comforting and the language will occasionally be blunt. A special and supreme effort will be made not to hurt personally any individual, although the criticism that arises occasionally will be extremely pointed. In this respect, the philosopher is in a state of isolation and his views are not always in harmony with those of other people.

Samuel Chayen is a lobbyist and media consultant at Sustainabecom, with considerable experience in political lobbying, and in writing and editing in the field of environmental journalism. Samuel is an ecologist (M.Sc) and an expert in environmental ethics. At present he is completing his doctoral thesis in the Department of Science, Technology and Society, Bar-Ilan University. Samuel has served in a number of senior organizational and management roles in the Israeli Environmental Movement. He was the executive director of the Israel Economic Forum for the Environment and editor of the environmental magazine "Green, Blue and White". Within the framework of the latter post (before his doctoral studies) he served as director of government relations for "Life and Environment" –  the roof organization for the environmental organizations in Israel. With the formation of the 17th. Knesset, he was called on by Dr. Dov Henin M.K. and the Rav Melchior to assist in the establishment and management of the Environmental-Social Lobby, a post he fulfilled until his complete retirement for the purpose of writing his doctoral thesis.

Samuel has a personal web-site on  Reshimot in which he focuses on the connection between Judaism and Sustainability. In the last elections, he was a candidate for the Knesset on behalf of the Green Movement-Meimad party.

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